Free time

posted on 17 Jan 2011 09:29 by akilika in Murmur
There's nothing to do,
Well every years is the same, January to Feb is not that busy
I know it all along but it couldn't be help to get bored am I?
It a good time for practice drawing (eventhough I'm in the office...)
but since there's no Concert work the boss was here too and that's mean I CAN'T do anything!
Just imagine things is the only thing, perhaps...
The idea I have for the Doujin, I'm not able to start it yet
The hands was freezing, My head is spinning because of the dizziness and I'm SLEEPY!
It just so hard to start something but when you started to you never wanted to stop!!
That's my worst habit and I wanted to change it, not a chance, no, i don't think so... cause I know that if I pause once, that will never be complete
By the way about the idea I have for my Doujin
Of course, it will be a story about Organization XIII (I'm really attracted to them at the moment!)
So sad to see them disappeared one by one in the main story...
I know, they are the bad guys so if they don't perish the story never end,
How sad that I always likes to bad guys
I just plan to have them reborn again by the existence of memories,
It said in DEN-O right? The memory is the time
In the end Imajin can also truly existed because their memory was always with Ryotaro
I use the same tragedy in this story,
To have Roxas remember them and they somehow remember Roxas existance
and From Roxas memories the Organization had been born again
Well somehow as a being between Human and Nobody since they they have a heart but still can't feel anything so they've change their plan to obtain the hearts by using Kingdom Hearts to finding their hearts themselves starting with being as family and have fun like others human being,
They have the memory since they're once a human but after being Nobody for sometimes, they start not to feel anything and forget how to feel like 
And since it had been too long so they can't really remember that's why they start having a mission to go the beach etc.
Wanna draw as 4 COMA but I know I'm not really good a jokes... I'll try then
Let the boss leave first and it's time for fun!!




ทำไมวันนี้เว่าอิ้ง???? เปลี่ยนอารมณ์เรอะ แหม่ ไม่บอกว่าช่วงเดือนหนึ่ง ถึงเดือนสองว่าง จะได้จัดโครงการ 555 อยากไปหาอ่ะแต่ยังไปไม่ได้ ขอเก็บตังอีกติ้ส อยากจะส่งของไปให้แก กับแม่ เพราะไม่อยากทิ้งไว้เมืองไทย ยังไงก็รอหน่อยนะ

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